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Life is a Journey, Not a Destination



You know this one, right?

Then you also know there is a tendency to forget 

Mr. Emerson's sage advice.


We get caught up in the chaos that is life and find ourselves

looking forward to the next distraction -

the week-end, the glass of wine, or that Louis Vuitton handbag.

But life passes on by; as we set our sights to the future, waiting,

our hearts filled with anticipation, believing that whatever is around the next corner will bring the happiness we crave.  


We've missed the point, haven't we? 

It's all smoke and mirrors. Nothing but a fleeting illusion. 

Hi, I'm Stella,

a Certified Tarot Practitioner and Writer.


Joy is a state of being,

found in the simple details and rituals 

of daily life.

The warmth of the sun as it kisses you gently on the back of your neck, the smile you receive as you hold the door open for another,

smelling the aroma if that perfect cup of coffee before your first sip.

Yes, I saw that smile. 


Living each moment mindfully is the journey !

And when done right, time stands still. 


I believe each of us, no matter where we are in our journey

can embrace and cultivate a soulful life.


It is the state of being one - in the body, the mind & the soul.   

To live your life with intention, in tune with the rhythm of

your beating heart and universal energies, is Divine.

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