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2022 Year of The Lovers

Updated: Feb 22, 2022

“Number is the within of all things." - Pythagoras, Philosopher & Mathmetician

The theory that numbers relate to certain patterns and synchronicities is the very foundation for the study of Numerology. This coming year, is the universal key of six. What does this mean? It pertains to how we, as a global collective, move into and with an energy that the universe gives off. The number six is primarily about balance and choices. It is the number of the entrepreneur and the leader. Physically, the number six has a pregnant appearance, meaning this may be a year of mothering and nurturing. Whether that refers to yourself, or someone else, will reveal itself over time. The best way to discover what this year means to you personally, is to pay attention to what comes into your life: people, ideas, lessons, opportunities, as this is the year you will attract what you focus on.

2 + 0 + 2 + 2 = 6

The Lovers

Each of the twenty-two Major Arcana cards (or trumps) represent a basic life experience, or theme. In other words, each Tarot Trump depicts an aspect or pattern common to the human experience. We are each born, and one day each of us will cross over. But between birth and death, each of us experiences accomplishments and defeats in our extraordinary journey towards self-actualization.

“Every Major Arcana card describes a specific way that human beings interact with each other and the world around them. Each of these ways is unique. Each is important. Each is present in all of us.” – Wald Amberstone, Tarot Practitioner, Writer.

This past year, the Year of the Hierophant was filled with many wonderful things, and many not-so-wonderful things. We lost a lot, but we also gained a lot, with experiences ranging from tragic to triumph and back again. And I think most will agree that life this past year was, and remains, unsettling; quite different from anything we’ve ever known or experienced before.

But there is also progress here. The changes that took place in 2021 placed a spotlight on many global issues and injustices. Through it all, as a collective, we demonstrated resilience and adaptability. The growth acquired by living a year of “fives” is powerful. There is no short cut. We need to go through five, to get to six. But the process itself allows for expansion, and our development as spiritual human beings. As 2021 comes to an end, we are blessed with the reminder of what truly matters in the grand scheme of things.

Representing the key of six in the Tarot, is the Major Arcana card, The Lovers. Like all Tarot cards, The Lovers is layered and interwoven with esoteric symbolism and meaning. There are as many different interpretations of this card as there are Tarot decks. The Lovers represents many different things – passion, partnership, ethics – and many contemporary perspectives of this card leans towards the romantic union of a couple.

However, the most primordial significance of this card, has to do with moral choice. In other words, the determinations we make about how we live, and the value therein, as we journey through life. Duality is suggested whenever a decision needs to be made. And when one draws The Lovers card, the choice is not about what you’ll have for lunch, but implies an ethical dilemma i.e., a choice of vice or virtue.

If the original question asked does in fact have to do with the subject of love, then this beautiful card can be a great omen, as this card is also about partnerships, including intimate ones. But more than anything, it indicates a choice needs to be made surrounding the connection. Do I really love this person? Or is he/she someone my parents approve of and I will learn to love them? Or, I'm afraid to be alone? Or, yes, as long as they live up to my expectations. Whether true love, passion, lust, or temptation, a choice needs to be made. With The Lovers, these choices are never simple, and usually involve searching the Soul for the answers.

“I see it all perfectly; there are two possible situations – one can either do this or that. My honest opinion and my friendly advice is this: do it or do not do it – you will regret both.” – Soren Kierkegaard, Theologian, Philosopher, Poet

Original choice began with Adam and Eve. Traditional depictions of The Lovers on Tarot cards show a man and a woman, in a garden. In the Rider Waite deck, we see a burning tree behind the man with twelve glowing flames representing The Tree of Life. The fruit-bearing tree behind the woman is the Tree of Knowledge. The fruit symbolises the five senses, sensuality, sexuality. This tree represents the original choice: eat the fruit and gain knowledge which ultimately leads to suffering, or ascend the Tree of Life toward God. Wrapped around the Tree of Knowledge is the infamous serpent portraying the ultimate temptation and eventual fall from grace.

The male represents the mind and rational thought, whereas the female is the unconscious, the emotional side, the heart. When this card is pulled in a reading, it often signifies a choice between the mind and the heart. Note that the man and woman don't actually represent the physical forms of male and female but symbolize the qualities and dualities of these attributes in the quest for balance.

It is no wonder that in astrology, the planet associated with this card is Gemini, the twins. It demonstrates polarity and the eternal coming together of opposites: yin vs. yang, dark vs. light, good vs. evil, beauty vs. beast. This is the great paradox – unity and duality exist at the same time. Examples of this are universal. The Yogic philosophy Shaivism, for instance, portrays the divine masculine energy in the form of the Hindu god Shiva while the divine feminine energy takes the form of the goddess Shakti.

No doubt, the path to spiritual enlightenment involves choice. One decides to participate in the journey, begins by taking the first step and then moves along a path littered with options, opportunities and roadblocks, until they reach their destination; then repeat. It is an endless search, a quest, as the more you learn and discover, the more you wish to learn and discover.

“The more you know, the more you realize you don’t know.” - Aristotle, Philosopher & Scientist

In the cards of the Tarot, a path is clearly visible. Sometimes it is a narrow path with gray skies, ominous cliffs and rocky waters, and sometimes the road is wide, with a bright sun shining down on flowing streams surrounded by fertile soil and bountiful gardens. The Lovers card is a member of 'The Journey Archetype', in that decisions need to be made as you venture forth. The choices you make either keep you on the “right path” or perhaps take you on a detour, or cause you to veer off the path altogether.

Depending on the deck used, when the seeker pulls The Lovers card, he/she will more than likely see a path, a man, a woman, a bountiful garden, and a Divine presence. Where the man looks to the woman, the woman looks to the angel implying the need for higher consciousness within the choice. More often than not, the angel is the Arch-Angel Rafael, God's angel of healing. The triangle between the three represents spiritual growth – from consciousness (male) to unconsciousness (female), to the Divine (angel). This then implies The Lovers card is about an individual journey of finding unity within ourselves. Understanding our conscious thoughts (masculine) while trusting and learning to listen to our unconscious (feminine) and eventually reaching higher consciousness (the Divine). This potential is within all of us. When we are in sync with this process, we are in balance. The choices we make from this centre will be in alignment with our greater good.

In 2022, The Lovers asks you what is in your heart. Are you living your truth, or do your decisions come from a place of expectation, or obligation, or simply our of convenience as it is the easiest path to follow? This card invites you to incorporate deep work on all levels of your life:

  • Begin with the Self through shadow work to discover more of your own authenticity so you can make choices in alignment with your very centre.

  • The relationships in your life. Who enhances, who detracts? Reduce or cut contact with those that only serve to drain your energy. This will open up space for you spend more time on the relationships that matter most to you. The time spent here is one based on value.

  • Consider reaching out to like-minded individuals. There are many organizations and groups - local and virtual - who can be a tremendous support to you and your journey.

  • Examine how you can give back to the world. What gifts are you holding onto that can make the world a better place?

  • No matter what, be grateful.

  • Are you living each day with purpose? What makes your heart sing, and then do more of that.

“Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors where there were only walls.” – Joseph Campbell, Author

Your choices can make the difference of living a life of obligation, on automatic pilot or living your life on purpose. The Lovers card is about making decisions for your greater good. To get the most of 2022, put the kind of energy you’d like to receive, back into the world. Be the change you want to see. Not only does it create balance and harmony, but it is contagious, positively influencing and infusing the rest of us.



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