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Working with the New Moon in Leo

Updated: Feb 22, 2022

I am not afraid of an army of Lions led by a sheep;

I am afraid of an army of sheep led by a Lion.”

– Alexander the Great, King of Macedon, Warrior and Conqueror

Leo energy is generous and expansive; there is simply enough for everyone.

We all have Leo in our chart somewhere so ‘don’t worry, be happy!’ Summertime is when nostalgia kicks in. Do what you used to do during those hot days when you were younger. Go back to the beach, flirt, dance and bring your sexy back. This a time to celebrate and savour all this season has to offer.

A heavy cloak is lifted from your shoulders and as you feel lighter, reach out to your inner artist and put that creative energy to work. Remember not to be too analytical about it. Tell your inner critic to take a long walk off a short pier. Then just draw, paint, write, play!

The New Moon segment of the lunar cycle is the most powerful time for manifesting. Place before you a clean sheet of paper, or a chalk board, or a blank text document on the computer screen. This is the time to write, draw, doodle, cut and paste – whatever you prefer - to list or visualize the dreams you want to manifest. Imagine all you want in your life – not what you don’t want (that’s for the Full Moon). This is building energy.

When you create this list, focus on how you want to feel. Not necessarily the bright red sports car – but the sensation of when you're driving that little convertible coupe down the highway. Get the drift? Things don’t make us happy. Only we can do that.

And there is no better time than Leo - who is all about, well, himself really. This beast struts and boasts and roars when things don’t go his way. Make this lunar cycle all about you – what you need to feel satisfied and fulfilled.

Don’t forget to take steps toward manifesting those magnificent aspirations you just put on paper. Dreaming and playing is fun and amazing, but it is only part of the magic. It still requires a little of your elbow grease to bring out the shine.



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