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Working with the New Moon in Cancer

Updated: Feb 22, 2022

“While in theory you can manifest your dreams anytime,

anywhere, with the right intentions

and commitment, doing your ‘manifesting work’

in tune with the Moon supercharges your dreams.”

– Yasmin Boland, Moonology

The Moon is Cancer’s ruling planet. Both are feminine and protective in nature. This is therefore a time to connect with both our inner mother and our inner child. Like all emotional evolution, we revisit, learn, and eventually evolve into nurturing human beings. As our maturity grows so does our understanding of who we are.

There is an underlying pull of nesting and nurturing, wanting to create the feeling of home and family. That does not necessarily refer to your immediate household – it encompasses anyone you care for – an employee, a neighbour, friend or the homeless person sitting on the park bench.

This is a wonderful time to connect – invite someone over for a BBQ, a game night, or a walk in the park. Write, email, or call someone you have not spoken to for awhile. If you are interested in more ways to connect and maintain relationships, see the blog: February is for Friendships.

The Cancer period is about taking a deep dive into your feelings while at the same time trying to navigate the unruly waters that is the state of our current world. Even though you may want to, you can’t drown your feelings. Best to unpack your emotions, dig down to the roots how you feel and why you feel that way. When the intensity of the feeling knocks the wind out of you, don’t run and hide. Instead, breath and lean into the disappointment, the sorrow, the overwhelm – whatever emotion you’ve buried deep inside.

Cancer people feel deeply. This may explain why the crab sports a suit of armour in order to guard that fragile underbelly. As protective as they are over their heart, they can be the proverbial mother Orca when it comes to those they love. They are deeply loyal and take relationships seriously. Home and family mean everything to them and there is nothing that matters more.

You may not have a Sun or Moon in the sign of Cancer, but that doesn’t mean you escape her influence. Whenever the Moon is in Cancer it is a time of heightened sensitivities. You feel more vulnerable and emotional.

Pay attention to when the Moon is in Cancer because no matter what, she is there every twenty-nine days or so. It is the time of the month when our feeling are just a little tender and our hearts just a little more vulnerable.

The Moon entered Cancer on July 8, and will be there only a couple days as she makes her way toward Leo on July 10th. So, realize that at this moment, we have both the Sun and Moon in Cancer (water) and Retrograde Neptune and Jupiter in Pisces (water). It is an emotional time for everyone. Be kind and compassionate to yourselves. Just as you mother those you love, nurture your own emotional wellbeing. Take a moment to pause, sit in the quiet and listen to what your inner child is has been trying to tell you,



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