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Working with the Full Moon in Pisces

Updated: Feb 22, 2022

When the Full Moon is in Pisces, she opposes the Sun in Virgo. Once again, we have the opportunity to balance the elements: whimsical, dreamy idealism meets sensible, grounded reality.

Traditionally, Jupiter is the ruler of Pisces. But when Neptune was discovered, the god of the Sea became the obvious ruler of Pisces. Both Jupiter and Neptune are currently in Pisces, in fact Neptune is but a mere 7˚ away from the Full Moon. Both planets are retrograde and together, they encourage you to peel back what in your life may be an illusion, a dream not based in reality. They say: "Remove the rose-coloured glasses and see things through the clarity of honesty and hard truth."

Pisces is a compassionate, feeling sign and as a result can become overly sensitive and sentimental, quickly resulting in overwhelm. Pisceans are nostalgic and as such, there is a call toward tenderness and an increased sense of humanity and community at large. By transcending the self in service to the collective, we become better as individuals.

As a water sign, Pisceans have a gifted knack in moving naturally with the ebb and flow of life. They are stardust and unicorns, the true romantic of the zodiac.

“You were made perfectly to be loved

and surely I have loved you in the idea of you

my whole life long.”

– Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Romantic Poet & Pisces

As serial daydreamers they live within their imagination.

“I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free.”

– Michelangelo, Sculptor, Painter, Architect, Poet & Pisces

The Moon’s feminine energy heightens an already intuitive Pisces. Use that Divine insight while doing your Full Moon Ritual. Note where you may be out of balance. Release the pressure you feel to check off all the ‘to dos’ in your schedule while paying attention to where your thoughts drift off to never-never land. Trust that sixth sense and allow your gut to guide you.

“He that cannot forgive others,

breaks the bridge over which he must pass himself;

for every man has need to be forgiven.”

– Lord Herbert, Soldier, Diplomat, Poet, Philosopher & Pisces

Pisceans are great at forgiving. Meditate on those hard lessons, the people who’ve disappointed you and the situations you’ve had to overcome. Send them your love for helping to mold the Divine being you are today, and then forgive, and release in gratitude under the loving light of the Full Moon.

“I adore wearing gems,

but not because they are mine.

You can’t possess radiance;

you can only admire it.”

– Elizabeth Taylor, Actor, Activist & Pisces.

Don’t forget to find an outlet for all your Full Moon inspirations. Pisceans adore beauty and the arts. Find a quite nook to write poetry or song; go to nature with your easel and brushes under your arm. Take in a museum, a concert, the theatre. Anything to bring out your innate genius and fill your creative cup until overflowing.


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