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Working with the Full Moon in Capricorn

Updated: Feb 22, 2022

During the New Moon it’s best to visualize, build, and manifest; while the Full Moon is a time for reflection, gratitude, forgiveness, and surrender. Although the two processes appear to be diverse, they are interconnected. How can you build something new, while holding on to past grudges or traumas? Whether we forgive ourselves, or someone else, it is important to release the associated negative energy for us to truly move forward. This is neither simple nor easy. But when we forgive, it is not really about the other person, is it?

“Holding onto anger is like drinking poison

and expecting the other person to die.”

- Buddha

Just like the Moon, we are a part of the bigger universe - separate yet one - like moondust.

By paying attention to the Moon cycles from one month to the next, you start to become aware of her natural rhythm. Adding the unique energy of the zodiac sign she is in at the time of your Ritual, further strengthens the intensity.

So, currently the Moon is in Capricorn. How can we work with that energy? As noted above, the Full Moon is an ideal time to reflect and release. Capricorn is the sign of efficiency, discipline, and organization. So, this Full Moon is a terrific time to reflect on your goals - whether it be the ones you made at the beginning of the year, or two weeks ago at the time of the New Moon. In doing so, you may realize you have fallen short of some Capricorn strengths, perhaps this is where you release and let go some of that depreciating self-talk that says: “I’m not perfect enough”; or perhaps simply, “I’m not enough”. The Full Moon is a great time to release the Capricorn energies that come out in all of us at one time or another: rigid thinking, pride, the desire for approval, and the need to be in control.

Dispersing that energy then creates space for something new. It is a process which doesn’t happen overnight. But as the Full Moon wanes, you’ll notice inspirations of creativity and genius fill that space in preparation for your intentions of manifestation at the time of the New Moon.


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