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Working with Neptune Retrograde

There are more than 200,000 stars in the sky brighter than Neptune, making the eighth planet in our solar system quite difficult to spot, even with a telescope.

In mythology, this Roman deity (Poseidon to the Greeks) was the god of the sea and almost always depicted by a three-pronged spear as he ruled over all bodies of water and all things within its depth. Like his brother Jupiter, Neptune was known for his violent temper which he demonstrated with unpredictable and furious tempests.

The Planet Neptune was named for its bluish colour (sea). It is said to be the planet of mystery and illusion, glamour, and deception. His power is subtle, ethereal, and other-worldly. He represents imagination, the subconscious, and mystical qualities such as intuition and clairvoyance.

Neptune takes almost 165 years to make one orbit around the Sun, spending approximately fourteen years in each sign. It entered Pisces on February 3, 2012 – and will remain there until 2025. Every year Neptune spends about five to six months in Retrograde. This is therefore a time to shed the duplicity of escapism and distraction. Instead, take an honest look and observe how our personal fears, illusions and confusions affect humanity as a whole. Ask yourself: "Am I on on the right spiritual path?" If you go deep, searching your soul, you will always find truth. There is where you will discover what is making you so restless, allowing you to put a name on the fears that keep you chained to old, ingrained patterns that serve nothing but to hold you captive.

Note that when our Sun reached his highest point in the sky on the Summer Solstice, he stopped for three days at zero degrees Cancer (water sign) before beginning his 28 day journey towards Leo. Add to this Neptune and Jupiter Retrograde in Pisces (water sign). All this water represents a period of heightened sensitivities, feelings, and emotions. There may even be some intensified passion and paranoia. Know that we are all feeling it in one way or another. As Mercury goes direct, things will become less foggy. Tonight, our Full Moon shines a light revealing things you were not aware of before, so remember to trust your intuition. Like the Sun, pause. It is okay to say, “I’ll get back to you” or “I don’t know”. Before you commit to anything, especially in writing, make certain you have all the answers.



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