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When In Doubt, Choose Change

Updated: Feb 22, 2022

Hello Beautiful.

This blog has been running for approximately six months. And in those six months I’ve shared a bit about myself, my personal journey, and about how developing good habits and the importance of focusing on one goal at a time, have helped me get a handle on my health.

My primary objective was to share what I had learned along the way. Every month, from January to June, I introduced a new habit for you to implement in the hopes that you may also reap the benefits of these simple strategies. In January we endeavoured to get to know ourselves better and started a daily Journaling habit. In February we covered the importance of staying social and the many benefits of nurturing Friendships. Then in March it was all about Movement and the significant impacts on your body, mind and spirit. April was about Aqua and the need to replenish your physical body. May was dedicated to the efficiency of a Morning Routine and then finally in June we covered the importance of good Judgement and brain health.

So, how is it going? Were you able to introduce one, three, or maybe even all of the above into your life? If yes, congratulations! I do hope you’re savoring the rewards. If not, that’s okay. I truly understand - been there, done that. Life is fast paced and we’re all busy. But please, if you do get the chance, revisit any one of the above that resonates in some small way, and read how you can incorporate them into your life. Remember that once something becomes a habit, you won’t even notice the extra time it takes for you to complete it.

When I started writing this blog, I had every intention to continue along in a similar vein. I actually had the rest of 2021 all worked out - July was going to be about adding more Joie de Vivre into our lives, beginning with this quote:

“What I know for sure is that you feel

real joy in direct proportion to

how connected you are to living your truth.”

– Oprah Winfrey

But then, if you are a subscriber, you know I also write a bi-monthly newsletter on the New and Full Moons. I’ve worked with the Moon energy for a very long time and have found it invaluable when it came to some key decisions I have made in my life. Once again, I find myself at a crossroads where a choice has been presented to me. In this case, the outcome impacts you, dear reader.

This is an electrically charged time in our lives. The sky is lit up like a pinball machine and we are feeling the energy pressing down on us here on Earth. ‘As above, so below’, right? The second Saturn-Uranus square on June 14th challenged us to change the structures in our lives. But Saturn is retrograde, so he’s all about ‘revising’ those structures before you can change them. Pluto is also retrograde and will be joined shortly by Jupiter. Thank goodness Mercury goes direct on June 22nd, even if it is just for the next few months. This is the time to determine the next nineteen years of our lives - what it all means, what is the passion, the purpose, the reason we exist. What is the call? I’m not alone in this. Many of you are feeling it.

“One of the oldest and most generous tricks

that the universe plays on human beings

is to bury strange jewels within us all,

and then stand back to see if we can find them.”

– Elizabeth Gilbert, Big Magic.

Author, Eat, Pray, Love.

For me, it has to do with the creative process. Recently, deeper dives into the more sacred corners of my spiritual self have uncovered a different road from the one I’ve been walking down - an off-the-beaten-path that I have been tempted to take on more than one occasion in the past.

“Don’t wait for the muse.

He’s a hardheaded guy

who’s not susceptible to a lot of creative fluttering.”

- Stephen King, On Writing

Personal Hero/Mentor, overall Grand Poobah

With Mercury retrograde, I am not surprised to find this familiar trail once again opening up before me. I listen to the familiar melodies of the beckoning birds as they chirp softly in my ear. Fear and insecurity have held me back from taking that road, but no more. Life is simply too short not to explore this mystical call, and like Dorothy, see where the yellow brick road leads me.

“True courage is in facing danger when you’re afraid.”

– The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

I will therefore no longer continue with the bi-weekly blogs. Instead, the New and Full Moon Newsletters will become my bi-monthly blogs. The newsletter content will remain the same, only the 'structure' will 'change'.

Between the blog and newsletter, it has been an absolute pleasure being invited to your inbox every week. But I also know that one less email will be appreciated. We live at a frenzied and frenetic speed, and downsizing is a must for our mental health. Think of this as my contribution to that particular movement.

Happy Thursday!


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