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Soul Musing - Road Toward Mastery

Life is not perfect, and neither are we. But there are moments in life, that are sheer perfection - the birth of a child, a sunset, the bloom of a spring tulip. An artisan for instance, can hone their craft to the point of mastery, the point of perfection. How many hours it takes to reach that master level is an arguable bone of contention. To me, there is no trick to mastery; it takes a lifetime of commitment and then some.

Mountains carry within them great beauty, great power, and great mystery. Here, one can encounter Spirit. Cultures the world over, climb these magnificent elevations as they answer the call of personal pilgrimage.

Along the way they hope to gain vision, perspective, and enlightenment. If nothing else, their efforts are rewarded by the immense beauty upon reaching the summit. However, their view is not unobstructed, as greeting them in the distance, is yet another mountain. Such is the road toward mastery.

The question is ‘what in your life is worth mastering?’ The answers received will vary as greatly as the number of people asked. In truth, the only thing we really need to master is ourselves. To live in alignment with our Soul, and the purpose that lies within our existence.

To master yourself means living each day with the clarity of intent, deliberate implementation, and being mindful of the resulting emanations. It also means taking responsibility for all of it – your choices, your actions, your consequences. This is what it means to have and wield your personal power. It does not translate to being the best. Instead, it’s about doing your best, and giving your best.



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