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Soul Musing - Make It So

The suit of Swords deals with the conscious intellect of the mind. So as the Swords represent your thoughts, attitudes and beliefs, the Ace indicates the beginning of something new. For example, when a creative inspiration just suddenly gushes over you from the virtual ethers and settles within your cognizance. Or it may be a new opportunity has knocked on your door. Or perhaps after weeks of muddled thoughts, you've been granted a sudden flash of insight, a cosmic 'aha' moment. That is the power of the Ace of Swords, and now is the time to act. But proceed with caution. Swords are double-edged, and so are the swords in Tarot.

However, you could not be in better hands with the Page of Pentacles. Also symbolic of new beginnings, this particular Page embodies the student, someone with a strong desire to learn all things. Like the Ace, he represents the initial stages of your opportunity, inspiration, or venture. But where swords are air, pentacles are earth, the element of manifestation, where ideas move out of dreamland and into reality.

"Make it so, number one", Captain Picard used to say. You hold within you the seed of your vision, and the Page of Pentacles can 'make it so'. It is after all Spring - the season of fertility and growth. Write down and list all that needs to happen in order for you to manifest your dreams. Establish attainable goals and identify a clear plan along with methodical steps towards manifestation. Remain focused, grounded and above all take action.

And make it so.



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