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Soul Musing - Life Is A Journey

Life is a journey. Each moment and every single experience are created by the choices we make from one instant to the next. What we eat, where we live, who we promise to “have and to hold” all contour us into the person we are today. Life is a double-edged sword; and lessons learned from our mistakes, our sorrows, our moments of solitude, are equal to those gained through our triumphs, our instances of bliss and joy. Those ephemeral nanoseconds where your heart surges with love for another are balanced by bitter stretches of time when circumstances so painful bring you to your knees.

Between the sobs and belly laughs rests the genius which made you who you are. Father time administered the balm of distance and perception to allow for healing and the self-care we learn to bestow towards ourselves. True, a shattered heart, once mended, will never be the same. But mend it will, as you pick yourself up, and continue down the road as the wounded warrior you are, forever changed.

Take the time to acknowledge and celebrate how far you’ve come down your road. Those epochs do not mark the end of your journey. They are reminders, to pause, to rest and recharge, releasing that which no longer serves you, so you may once again be on your way.



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