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Soul Musing - Balance The Empath Within

Updated: Jun 5, 2022

Life is about balance.

North – south.

Hot – cold.

Ying – yang.

And each of us is comprised of masculine and feminine attributes in perfect proportion to make us uniquely... well - us. It is said, the feminine portion brings out the empath in our nature.

Empathy carries responsibility to the beholder. If you do not have the necessary boundaries and limitations in place, you will be energetically swallowed up whole by the weight and burdens of others.

Perhaps it is prudent, at this time, to allow your masculine side to take over. Allow your level-headed intellect to guide you in placing distance between yourself and the energy vampires. Like the gallant Sir Galahad, entrusted to safeguard the Holy Grail by none other than King Arthur himself, protect and balance the empath within. It is the gentleness you bestow upon yourself which gives you the resilience to fight another day.

Claim your energetic sovereignty, as it is your detachment which grants you the power to be effective. Whether nurturing and supporting another, or standing up for the injustices placed upon others, it is through self-healing and self-compassion you build the strength to continue giving back to the world.



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