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Soul Musing - Allow Gentleness To Bless You

Back in 1965, Hal David wrote the lyrics: “what the world needs now, is love, sweet love,” in response to the Vietnam War. This is the song that popped in my head again and again as I meditated on this tender Oracle.

She is breathtaking, isn’t she? Surrounded by soft falling snow and fluttering white doves, she is a true personification of “Gentleness”. A virtue we currently thirst for, whether it’s globally, communally or under our own roofs.

The Six of Pentacles represents charity and generosity… and giving. But like most Tarot cards, this meaning is a two-way street. There is deep satisfaction in being there for another and extending a helping hand. But there is also grace and growth in being the one who does the receiving.

But no matter your situation and what end of the table you sit at, be sure to set aside your hesitation and pride. Genuine love is not conditional. Gentleness should not be either. Nor should charity. So, whether you are doing the giving, or the receiving, allow gentleness to bless you with her humble countenance, so you may proceed with an open heart.



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