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Full Cold Moon in Gemini

Updated: Feb 22, 2022

December 18, 2021 @ 11:37 p.m. EST

The Mohawk tribe coined the first Full Moon in December the Cold Moon (English interpretation). She is so named to depict the frigid conditions that come with winter. She is also known (very appropriately) as the Long Night Moon because nights tend to be on the lengthy side in December and January - these Full Moons shine for a longer period above the skyline than most other Full Moons.

On December 18th, the Full Moon opposes her brother the Sun at 27˚28’ Gemini. Full Moons are about self-reflection and releasing that which no longer serves you. You can further augment this energy during your Full Moon Ritual by knowing which house Gemini inhabits in your natal chart. This information allows you to really zero in on what to specifically focus on between now and the Full Moon in Cancer.

The Cold Full Moon in Gemini is great energy to work with in regard to communicating over the holiday season. Best to listen, truly listen, with presence of mind when talking to loved ones. Express yourself honestly and if possible, clear up (or out) any long-time grudges, that is, if you can remember what they were about in the first place. An excellent way to clean the slate just before the calendar's New Year. But if this is not possible, write down your thoughts and intentions moving forward. Speak them out loud and then burn them in the fireplace, or another safe way. Leave room in your heart for peace talks and new beginnings. As another year is coming to an end, we are reminded of how short life is. Too short to waste precious energy on anything that does not make your life better. No one can deny that globally this has been a tough year. Moving forward you will see structural changes and manifestations for the better, even though at the moment it may not appear that way. Take heart, this too shall pass.



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